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Shinn Roofing was conceived with the notion of being a different kind of roofing company. There are a lot of different ideas about roofing, and most homeowners do not know enough to make educated decisions when picking a roofer. Our goal at Shinn Roofing is to help homeowners understand how the process works and educate them on how the original roof was put on compared to what we do. Home builders use cheap materials on new roofs, whereas we will reroof using the finest materials available. .

Most roofers will do the same as the builders, as there’s more profit this way. New roofs get cheap felt paper, cheap shingles you can get at home improvement stores, cheap metal in valleys, three nails per shingle, and that’s really it. You will quickly see plenty of mold growth on these types of roofs as well. With Shinn Roofing, we do synthetic underlayment instead of felt (which holds water). We use ice and water shields in your valleys instead of valley metal (which expands and contracts over time). We also make sure to use six nails per shingle, which is hurricane spec. Most importantly, we use shingles from CertainTeed, which is a superior shingle company that has been in existence for over 350 years. CertainTeed shingles weigh 240 pounds per square, which is significantly more than what most roofers use. It is also algae resistant and withstands winds of up to 130mph. There is a 15-year warranty on mold with this shingle and a 10-year SureStart, which means the warranty will not depreciate at all for 10 years. Most shingle manufacturers will also have a non-depreciation period, which is one year.


Shinn Roofing is a CertainTeed Shingle master, which means we are all trained to do roofs the CertainTeed way and honor CertainTeed warranties. Additionally, we do not buy material and wait until we find a cheap crew to do work. We use the same crew for every home all the time. They are very experienced with over 50 years under their belts. They are the most expensive crew, but they do it right and that’s what it’s all about. They can also do siding, gutters, windows, trim, sheetrock, paint, you name it. At Shinn Roofing, we would rather see profits go to your roof than our pockets. If your roof costs $10,000, it costs $10,000 regardless of who you choose. The difference is how much of this money is actually being allocated to your roof. That’s the main difference with Shinn Roofing. Obviously we are in the business of making money, but we are not greedy; we truly believe in taking care of customers. We are from San Antonio and respect and love its people. Call us today to schedule your estimate.